Gift Basket Business Programs & Modules

Gift Marketing Alliance wants to support specific marketing efforts that you're making and to that end, have released a variety of modules.  Our Gift Basket Business Modules have specific information, products and materials that we believe will support your marketing, program and client goals.

Modules are “add-ons” that you can place on your website to offer to your clients.

They are designed to give you complete programs that you can immediately promote vs. having to create the program yourself.

Modules consist of everything you need to market the program including hi-resolution images, competitive pricing, marketing graphics and the ability to have materials printed.

Depending on your membership level, the installation is done in one of three ways:

–If you are full service with Gift Marketing Alliance, the module will be installed free of charge.
–If you are self service and you have a Big Commerce website, you can pay the minimal installation fee to have it installed OR you can install it yourself.
–If you do not have a Big Commerce website, you can install the module yourself.  GMA does not support non-Big Commerce websites.

Are there any other fees related to the modules after they are purchased and installed?

No.  The fees are one-time fees we charge for the time it takes us to create, install and process the modules.

Will you be adding other modules?

Yes!  More modules are under development now and will be added to this catalog and our website as they are completed. 

If I don’t have a Big Commerce website, will you help me with the installation?

Unfortunately we only support Big Commerce websites but if you’re coaching with Debbie Q., she may be able to help you figure out how to add the module to your site.

Does GMA offer Big Commerce websites? 

Absolutely YES!  Contact us for pricing and information.  Website can be completed within 2 weeks.

Can my information be added to the orders when they are shipped out?

Yes!  We can include your  marketing materials in the box, your label on the product and any other ideas you have.  You have to provide the materials and we’ll handle the rest free of charge. 

Will all files be provided to me?

Yes!  Anything we create as a part of the module is yours to keep.  All completed files will be emailed to you.