Frequently Asked Questions:
Website Questions:
How much is a website?  The cost of a website is $560.
What's the advantage of having a website created thru you?  We are very familiar with the gift basket business and can create a website that has the proper layout, graphics and processes.  Additionally, you have the ability to use our full service plan which includes us managing your products and orders.
If I am a Gift Basket Association member, does my discount apply to the website and/or the monthly membership fee?  The discount is available on the website, not the monthly membership.
Once the website is created, do I own it?  Can I do whatever I want to it?  Yes.  You own the site and an add/remove any products you want including ours. 
Can I eliminate/remove products off of my website that you created?  Yes.  You can delete any products you don't want to sell.
Can I use my own domain? Yes.
Can you help me set up business email?  Yes.
Do you offer SEO services?  We can load your keywords to your site but we recommend Local Biz Network for on-going internet marketing services.
Gift Marketing Alliance Membership Questions:
If I cancel services with Gift Marketing Alliance, does the website also cancel?  No.  You still own the site.  GMA's images just need to be removed the same day you cancel.
Do you offer gift basket business advice?  Yes.  Debbie Quintana is a gift basket business coach.  Visit Gift Basket Association and schedule a free 30 minute consultation.
How much do I make on a sale?  The current suggested retail is 30% above your cost.  You can set the retail price to whatever price you want.
Can I set the retail price to whatever I prefer?  Yes!  If we are making your website, please let us know ahead of time.
What is the difference between the $24.95 and $39 plans?  In the self service, you are responsible for loading and managing all products and orders.  In the full service, we load and manage your products, graphics on your website, processing your orders and adding your clients tracking information to their site.  Please note:  full service is only available on Big Commerce website platforms.
How often am I paid my commission?  Your client pays you and we charge your card on file for the wholesale amount.
How fast do gifts ship?  if received by noon PST, most gifts ship same day.  If there is any personalization such as embroidery, gifts ship within 2 days.
Do you offer marketing items such as catalogs, postcards, brochures and business cards?  No but Gift Basket Association does.
How are the gift baskets packaged?  Gift baskets are meticulously arranged, wrapped and placed in a heat sealing machine.  Once shrink wrapped, the gift is placed into a proper size box with packaging materials to protect it.  There is NO company name on the outside of the box.