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Meet Debbie Quintana, Gift Basket Business Expert

and owner of the National Gift Basket Convention,

Gift Basket Association and Trends and Tips Gift Basket Magazine.

Founded in 2002, Gift Marketing Alliance was created to provide gift company owners with the ability to have a variety of gifts under one provider.  In 2010, gift basket industry experts Alex and Debbie Quintana bought the company with the intention of making it truly a "marketing" alliance.  Today, Gift Marketing Alliance is a full service company providing all of the following:


  • A fabulous collection of the latest gifts, competitively priced for your customers with respectable commission rates.
  • A leader of trendy gifts that will get your customers attention. 
  • Flexible programs including the ability to add our gifts to your website or have us create a website for your and our gifts.  
  • Website configurations and support systems that fit your needs and budget.  We can manage just your products or manage everything from your orders to your graphics.
  • Proven marketing programs that include social networking, newsletters and email promotions.
  • Graphic design including business cards, brochures, flyers, postcards, rack cards, signage and anything else you need.
  • Expert coaching and support by industry expert, Debbie Quintana.  Debbie is the owner of the Gift Basket Association, Trends and Tips Gift Basket Magazine and The National Gift Basket Convention.


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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefit of dropshipping?

No inventory or labor!  Simply put, we do the work you collect your commission.  Dropshipping means that we are going to make and ship the gift your customer ordered under your company name.  You don't have to have inventory or make the gifts yourself.  And, we typically ship same day.

Do you use your company name when shipping to my customers?

Absolutely not.   When you place an order, you tell us what you want on the greeting card.  Your customers are YOUR customers and we will NEVER solicit or use your information in any way.

How does the credit card processing work?

If we're hosting a website for you, we can offer your customers PayPal or credit card services through Stripe.  There are other credit card processing companies available.  Funds are collected and deposted into your account within 2-3 days.  We will charge the card you have on file with us for the wholesale amount of the order including shipping.  Your profit is the difference between what your customer paid and the wholesale cost you pay with us.

What is the profit margin on GMA gifts?


I have a website with another company and want to have you build me a new site.  Do I have to have Gift Marketing Alliance products on it?  

No but it's included in the package you'll be paying for on a monthly basis so you might want to consider having them on your site anyway.  Alternatively, you can pay $559 for just a website with no monthly management of any sort and no Gift Marketing Alliance products.

Do I have to sell all of Gift Marketing Alliance's products?

You can choose which gifts you want to sell. 

I want to have a website with several different dropshipped gift baskets on it including Gift Marketing Alliance and its competitors, can I have them on a hosted site too?

Yes!  If we're managing your site, we'll give you a spreadsheet that needs to be completed and we'll handle the rest.

How does the order management and fulfillment work?

We only process Gift Marketing Alliance orders.  If you have other products (your own or other dropshippers), you'll need to process those orders.

I have a Big Commerce website right now with Gift Marketing Alliance products on it already, can I have you manage it moving forward?

Yes!  You don't have to pay the $559 fee.  We'll transfer it to Gift Marketing Alliance and begin management on the first of the next month. You'll need to pick your plan. If we feel your site needs to be fixed, enhanced or updated, we'll give you a report along with a quote. Click here to start the process.

I have a Big Commerce website right now but want to have you manage it and I want to add Gift Marketing Alliance products, is that possible?

Yes!  You don't have to pay the $559 fee.  We'll add our products and begin management on the first of the following month.  You'll need to pick your plan.  Choose the program you want in the Membership Programs page.

Will I have access to make changes on my website?

Yes!  You'll have a log in to see all of your orders, make any products updates and changes you'd like to your site.

If you have other questions, just ask!  Our phone number is (408) 307-3411 or email debbie@debbiequintana.com.